Sunday, 4 July 2010

Childrens/Mini Messenger Bag

Havent been sewing for a few months as started a new job recently but decided that I need to get back into it as I really enjoy it so I made a mini messenger bag this morning for my 7 year old niece Amy. (Tutorial here - I reduced the sizes a bit so it was the right size for her.) Its quite plain just now but I still think its mega cute!! Put a couple of pockets on the inside and a magnetic closure so she doesnt lose anything! Im going to add a JLS boyband logo on the front (as requested by her) and maybe put some pin badges round the handle. Let me know what you think! Ill post another piccie once its completely finished.

-Pootle Flump


  1. Thats great, it is really cute! I'm glad you are sewing again I missed you.
    Kandi x

  2. I love this little bag

  3. Welcome back :) the little bag is delightful, your niece will love it :)
    Sue x

  4. Great little bag, I wouldn't know where to start to make this!!!