Saturday, 10 July 2010

Wonderful smelly stuff.....

Bought this pot pourri from Ebay after a recommendation from a friend over on MSE (thanks Sue!). Thought I would let everyone know how amazing it smells! I havent actually used it to make anything with yet (I plan on making some smelly hearts with it) but I am now regularly opening the bag just to have a sniff of it before putting it back in the drawer!! Im not sure exactly whats in it but it has quite a strong cinammon smell (which I love anyway.) It was £2.35 for 80g. Website link here. - Pootle Flump x


  1. I love the smell of cinnamon too!! Just had a quick browse of your blog & OMG you are a talented little crafter aren't you?!! I think the dress is lovely BTW :) xxx

  2. I've ordered some of this :)
    Me thinks you should be earning commision for your directs lol x