Wednesday, 1 September 2010

My first attempt with Oilcloth....

Id heard that it could be quite difficult to sew with and whoever said so was right!! I lined it with oilcloth too which I think made it even harder for myself!

Im quite pleased with end result (have still to top stitch) but reckon the next one will be much easier as I just ordered a teflon foot. I used masking tape under my normal foot (thanks for the tip Kandi) which did make it much easier but I still struggled a bit. Have to say I love the Radley style dogs.

-PootleFlump. xxx


  1. Oohh I love that, the fabric is gorgeous I have to have some. I just bought some more oilcloth for a table cloth and have some spare. I might invest in a teflon foot too as it is quite tricky to sew. Glad you managed it though!
    Kandi x

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  3. Stop it! That oilcloth is fabulous, where did you get it? And the bag turned out really well...I have oil cloth that I have not attempted to sew yet!

  4. Fab bag - that fabric is to die for!!!

  5. So so so so cute! LOVE the dogs!

  6. Hi, thanks for your message at MSE! I love that fabric! x