Sunday, 18 July 2010

Crafty Sunday #3 - Comfort is the way forward.....

Rustled up a pair of pyjama bottoms this morning with my new stripey jersey fabric. They are not in the least bit flattering I know, but are now possibly the most comfortable thing I own! I plan on wearing them all afternoon! x


  1. I think for pj's you need to go with comfort all the way and they look great :)

  2. You clever thing they are great! My default setting is PJ bottoms.
    Kandi x

  3. They look sooooo comfy, I love them, can I ask where you got your jersey from? I saw some in JL today but it was so expensive!

  4. Thanks for your comments everyone. (They are soooo comfy - I still have them on in fact!) Dana, I got my jersey fabric from a place in Kirkcaldy, Scotland called Rejects. Was only about £5.00 a metre I think. I didnt get enough of it to do a top as well so will have to go back and get more (oh, what a shame! ;) They sell Michael Miller stuff too, cheaper than online, so might treat myself to some of that too.... What a chore!! x

  5. Love the PJ bottoms. It sgreat when you can wear comfi clothes and even better when you have made them yourself :)
    It something I have been meaning to make for a while now.
    Well done :)
    Sue x