Thursday, 5 May 2011

Just a quick hello....

Hi All,

Just a quick post to say that Im still around but havent been able to do much sewing, crafting or blogging lately as my beloved sewing machine has had to be moved from my 'sewing room' (aka tiny cupboard in the spare room!) as we are in the process of selling our house and have had to have a bit of a declutter.  I have, at times, put my machine in the lounge and did manage to make some cushion covers for my lovely Mum but Im not going to bother posting them as Im sure you are all bored to tears with pictures of my cushion fetish by now!  Hope you are all well and I hope that normal blogging behaviour will resume shortly.   Also wanted to say a big thank you to Sue over at The Krafty Cupcake and K at The Littlest Crafter for awarding me with a stylish blogger award.  That was really lovely of you both.  Also, big shout out to the talented Tina at Scratchy Cat  who sent me some paper hexagons so I can give that a go and sent me 2 lovely books on quilting as well which was very unexpected and extremely lovely of her!  Thanks so much again Tina.   Go and check out their blogs.  They are awesome!  xxx


  1. I love your cushions Claire :) and Im sure your mum is very pleased with her's :)
    I just want to thank you again for the lovely pincushion you made for me, Im now using it but I just can not put the pins in the girl's/ ladies face lol. Thank you again and good luck with your move when it comes :)
    Sue x

  2. Hi Claire! I too have been AWOL! Nice to see you peeping out!! Good Lucjk with your move!!

  3. Hi, missed you.
    Don't give up on the cushons I love them too!
    Good luck with the move, the thought of moving house just makes me shudder with all the crap I have stashed away over the years!
    Kandi x

  4. Aw you are welcome Hun hope you can make good use of them x x

  5. are you hiding hun - hope all is well!