Tuesday, 27 September 2011

A few projects and a few thank you's!

As you will know the thing I love to make most is bags.  So here is another one.  I put this on Folksy the other day and it sold in a matter of minutes.  One of my friends saw the link via my Facebook Page  and bought it straight away which I was really pleased about.

She asked me to make a few other bits n pieces so also made this matching make up bag for her too using the pink scotty dog stuff.  Ive almost managed to master the fabric zip ends thing to stop the corners from going really chunky but it goes wrong sometimes.  If anyone has any tips on this please could you let me know.  I find the only way I can do it properly is to actually chop the zip off where the fabric ends start but Im not sure thats how its meant to be done!

Ive also been making some bookmarks. Just basic ones, nothing fancy (as you can see. lol)  My niece who is 8 is obsessed with reading.  She went through a major Harry Potter phase recently but its now reading Jacqueline Wilson books so I made her this bookmark which has her name on the other side.

Lisa over at Kandipandis Pad blogged about a crossstiched bookmark she had made a few weeks ago which said "F**k off Im reading."  I thought was hilarious so I adapted the wording a bit and made one for myself using some fabric scraps I had.  

On a non sewing related note, I was lucky enough to win The Krafty Cupcakes giveaway a few weeks ago and have to say that I actually squealed when I opened the parcel!   It was full of the most gorgeous individually wrapped parcels with lovely gift tags and pretty blue tissue paper.  I spent over an hour carefully opening each one and oo-ing and ah-ing over the content!  It contained (to name but a few)  the most lovely things including felt, an adorable scented cupcake keyring, fabric, sweeties, a gorgeous candle, a beautiful box of pins and 2 boxes of cupcake toppers which are made to perfection.   So I wanted to say a huge thank you again to the Sue over at The Krafty Cupcake  for having such a wonderful giveaway and sending me so much lovely stuff.

I also wanted to mention Becca over at Fancy Vintage China who sent me some lovely Juicy Lucy notelets and message cards.  They are really cute so thank you again too Becca.

Im working on a few other bits and pieces just now but am not sewing anywhere near as much as I should be so Ive decided to look for a part time job.  I thought when I gave up work that I would spend most days sewing but that isn't the case.    I was going to wait until January till I started looking but as I am finding myself tuning into Jeremy Kyle on far too regular a basis,  I feel it only appropriate that I get my arse off the sofa and do something useful!

Till next time..

Pootle. xxx


  1. Wow, you sound like a busy bee. :)
    No wonder your bag sold out straight away. It looks gorgeous!

  2. That bag is absolutely adorable! I love that Scotty dog fabric. And the book marks are awesome, too

    I'd like to help you out with the zippy bag thing but I'm not quite sure what you mean? I put the little fabric tabs on the end of my zipper and then trim the zipper underneath to about 1/4 of an inch. I then make sure that the zipper with the tabs attached is the same length as the fabric from which I'm making the pouch. Once the seams are sewn, I clip the parts where the zipper is really close to the seam...that way, when you turn the pouch right side out you can poke the zip ends all the way out with a pointed object. The ends are actually quite neat that way, but mine never turn out 100% perfect - but close enough! Does that help? If not, e-mail me and I'll see if I can clarify.



  3. Oh the Scottie dog fabric is adorable Pootle! And your makes are always so gorgeous! Congrats on your lovely win. I reckon you deserve a rest and some daytime telly, but I do know what you mean, it's the days I'm really rushed I manage to achieve loads, the empty days I can't seem to get going LOL! x

  4. The bag is gorgeous! And I love the b*gger off bookmark - made me smile! x

  5. Love that bag :-)
    Lucky thing winning such a fab prize!
    Good luck on the job hunt xx

  6. That bag is beautiful, hardly suprising it was snapped up!
    Love your bOokmsrks you are so much more demure than I ;0)
    Kandi x

  7. Fab bag Hun and I love the bookmark. How did you do the writing on it is it printed or fabric?
    Ti x x

  8. Hi Pootle, only just managing to catch up on everyone's posts from way back. I love your bag, that fabric is gorgeous, the matching purse is a really nice touch.

  9. Your designs are so pretty, you're very talented. :)

  10. This is such a lovely bag, everything is lovely on your blog. You mentioned your getting married, what is the date? PS thank you for being the first to follow my blog! It made me very happy! x Katie x

  11. Just checking in to say hello. Hope your well xxx