Sunday, 27 November 2011

Ive been making something very, very special!!!!

Jings, its been ages since I blogged and Im soooo sorry but I do have a very valid reason....................

I am delighted to announce that Im expecting my first baby in June! (this is my 12 week scan.)  The reason for my being AWOL for the last couple of months was initially due to moving house (we are now settled in our proper home which is fab)  but was then due to my morning sickness kicking in big time!!  I would add that whoever gave it the name "morning sickness" must have been a man.  Morning my arse!  I have had it all day, every day for almost 7 weeks!  Regular vomiting does not go hand in hand with sewing so apart from managing to fulfill some bag orders when Ive been lucky enough not to have my head down the toilet, Ive pretty much been out of action.

The vomiting stopped a couple of days ago so Im hoping that it stays away and I can get back into it.  I now have my very own craft room which I will post piccies of next week so Im definately going to put it to good use whilst I still have time to myself.   I hope you are all well and hope you forgive me for being such a terrible blogger!!

Love of lots

Pootle and "Little Babas". xxx


  1. What lovely news. Congratulations!

    Hope to see lots of baby related sewing over the coming months :)

  2. Congratulations Claire!!
    Sorry you've been having a rough time though hopefully it will soon pass!!!

  3. Awww congratulations!!! Glad you are feeling a bit better, it was never 'morning' for me either, but it does get better. Your scan picture is beautiful! x

  4. Congratulations - exciting news xx

  5. Congratulations- what an exciting time!

  6. Fab news. Congratulations.
    I agree, morning sickness is morning, noon and night sickness. I remember being in Tesco on a Friday evening preggers with my first and being sick as a result of seeing the fresh fish!!! Think people thought I'd been out drinking!!!
    Can't wait to see your craft room - jealous much xxx

  7. Congratulations, hope the morning sickness stays away now.

  8. Oh such wonderful news, congratulations hun! xx

  9. OK, We will let you off seeing you've got a VERY good reason for going awol!! Congratulations and hope the sickness keeps away.

  10. Oh wow congratulations honey, fabulous news!!
    Hope you're over the worst of the sickness and you can start to bloom now.
    Kandi xx

  11. Congratulations! Both my girls 'gifted' me with morning sickness (thankfully restricted to the morning only!)but my son was just a queasy feeling most of the day and I think that was worse.
    Glad you're feeling better now and if you're already 12 weeks then you should feel some movements soon. The movements mentioned could precipitate sudden urges to visit the toilet though!
    Lol, the joys of motherhood :D.

  12. Congratulations - how exciting!!!
    Maria x

  13. congratulations!! I was sick every day until i was 20 weeks, then it just vanished! Thank goodness. Put your feet up while you got the chance! Thats lovely news xxx

  14. Congratulations!!! Well done you! I guess we'll be seeing lots of sewing for baby now?

  15. Congratulations! That's the best reason for being AWOL :-) Hopefully you'll start to feel better now! xx

  16. That's such wonderful news!
    Lots of love your way.

  17. ah congrats how wonderful Im sure you will enjoy crafting all the more now you have a little one to craft for :-)

  18. Congratulations! Hope the sickness has gone for good x

  19. Oh my gosh, Claire, how exciting! A great big Congratulations, my friend! I hope the morning sickness has run it's course and it'll be smooth sailing from here on out!