Sunday, 5 February 2012

Im baaaaaccckkkk!!!!

Jeez its been nearly 2 months since I posted.  Im such a terrible blogger.  I dont know where the time goes TBH.  I still read everyones blogs but only occasionally get the time to comment on them.  My brain seems to be obsessed with thoughts of babies just now! On the subject of babies, Im now 23 weeks pregnant.  Had our 20 week scan a few weeks back and baby is very healthy and all looks good which is brilliant news.  Ive been feeling the baby for a few weeks now but this morning he kicked his daddy for the first time which was very lovely!

Despite having baby brain I havent forgotten about my love of sewing.  Ive been altering some maternity clothes (too fat to fit into my normal ones now) and have also started going to patchwork classes.  Ive only been going for 2 weeks and I really love it!!   The aim is to have completed a quilt by the time the classes finish (its a 10 week course) so I thought that Id post each block that Ive completed each week so you can see it coming together (hopefully!)  We are doing a different block technique each week.

This is the block I did at this weeks class.  Standard log cabin style.   The fabric is Michael Miller Aqua and Red which I loved the moment I saw it and have always wanted an excuse to buy.  I just love the colours and the patterns and think it will make an amazing looking quilt.   Im really pleased with it.

Ive been playing around with my Silhouette machine too (see! Im not just sitting on the sofa stuffing my face with chocolate every day (well, I  am but not every hour of the day!)  I bought a plain white babygrow and jazzed it up with a piccie I saw on the internet.  Here are the before and after shots.  How cute eh!!  Im normally not a fan of slogans on baby clothes but I did like this one.


Have also been making some more cushion covers for my gorgeous Mum.  Fairly simple patchwork using the leftover of my Pure by Sweetwater layer cake.  Made 2 of these and 2 in a disappearing 9 patch design which I forgot to take a photo off.   (I never tire of working with this fabric.  I love it!)

Anyway, I wont bore you with any more.  I disappear for months at a time then spend ages rambling when I return!  Hope you are all well and will check in against next week.

Pootle. xx

p.s Ive started referring to baby as "he" but dont actually know the sex and not finding out (thought I best put that in incase my mum is reading this and thinks Ive found out and not told her!x) 


  1. Lovely makes. Congratulations! The babygro is so cute!

  2. Nice log cabin block. Lol, love the babygrow pic! I wonder what new technology will be around when this bub is at an age to want it?? On second thought...let's not go there :O.

  3. Glad all is going well with your pregnancy, so lovely to feel the baby kicking! Loooove the baby vest, so cute! Really love your quilt fabric, can't wait to see how it progresses. Take care x

  4. Haha that baby vest is great! Pathcwork classes sound great, can't wait to see your progress each week. Take care of yourself and rest up whilst you still can! xx

  5. great to have you back! Looking forward to seeing the progress of that quilt, and some more baby makes!

  6. Very nice makes, the little baby vest is a cutie xx

  7. Im so glad all is well with you and baby :) I love the babygrow :) :)
    Keep posting the quilt squares, I love them and maybe it will encourage me to carry on doing mine lol.

  8. Hi, just popping by to let you know I have awarded you the 'Versatile Blogger Award'. (Sorry, didn't realise you already had the award - hope you will accept and enjoy it anyway though!) Details on my blog x

  9. I love the start of your quilt it's going to look amazing. Haha at the babygrow!

  10. Hi, Have just come across your blog via the MSE Sewing room. Wow, I love all of your makes they really are beautiful. Well done and great news about babeeee!! Say hello to Scotland for me, been down here for 18 years, still miss Edinburgh.


  11. love the patchwork - its so cute x