Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Sampler Quilt Block Number 2

So following on from my last post here is my next quilting block for my sampler quilt.  Its called flying geese (I think.  Well, its some kind of flying bird anyway).  I was actually going to make a pinwheel but cut the wrong size triangles so ended up with this instead.  I have to say Im becoming obsessed with quilting.  I absolutely love it (even though I havent actually finished one yet lol.) I spend loads of time watching Missouri Quilt Co. You Tube videos and reading quilting books.  I love that the possibilities are endless where patterns are concerned.  The only thing I dont like which I have discovered is hand sewing.   A few of the blocks I was meant to do in my sampler involved applique and I have asked my teacher if I can do a different design as I detest hand sewing.  Are any of you the same?  Im maybe a bit odd as you would think I would like it given my love of sewing but I really really hate it with a passion!!

Whilst Im here,  I thought Id let you know about a fab giveaway that my good friend Sue is having over at Harts Corner.   She is giving away some yummy stuff!  Closes on 18th February so pop along and visit her lovely blog.   There is a linky to the giveaway in the top right corner of my blog.   Her extremely talented son also made her a website which looks fab!

Id also like to thank Twinkle Star over at Twinkles, Tutorials and Twirls who was kind enough to award me with a Versatile Blogger award.  Thanks so much!  Go check out her gorgeous blog here.

Thanks to everyone that has sent me lovely messages congratulating me on my pregnancy.  Im getting much bigger now and sometimes struggling to walk because of hip and back pain which I can only imagine is going to get worse but will be worth it in the end.  I got up in the night to go to the toilet last week and was hobbling my way there when my darling hubby woke up and started singing "I like the way you move" by the BodyRockers.   I will admit I found it very funny but at 3am I didnt have the energy to laugh!!

Hope you are all well.

Pootle. xxx


  1. Aww, you defo get a distinct walk when you are pregnant. At least hub can make you smile about it. Thanks for the shout-out - you are very welcome! Have a fab day x

  2. Great block well done you. I quite enjoy the hand sewing, I used to hate it too, but since getting into quilting its changed. I prefer the look and feel of a hand quilted quilt, the gaps between stitches make a softer quilt and you just cant achieve that look on the machine. Its more sociable too, so I tend to do it in the evening whilst watching t.v with my husband and surprisingly it gos quite quickly.

  3. Sorry had to laugh :) men lol.
    I am addicted to Missouri Quilt Co vid's :)
    I love you quilt block! like you Im not keen on hand sewing, It's too slow and Im a speed freek lol and so impatient and want the fished item now lol.

    Thank you for you little bit about me in your lovely blog :)
    You take care and enjoy the bump :)
    Sue xx

  4. I like the handsewing,but not the cutting of the fabric!

  5. I find handsewing too slow - I like quick(ish) results.

    I have just come across this great spray-baste tutorial.

    I think I will give it a try - looks better than furry skirting boards lol