Sunday, 25 March 2012

Quilt is nearing completion.....and some other bits n bobs.

I decided not to post every time I finished a block because if it were me reading my blog Id find that as boring as watching paint dry so I decided to hold off until the quilt top was almost finished.  Well, it finally is.  Yay!   There is still a row of borders to go on and another row of sashing then its done!  Ive really enjoyed making it and am looking forward to my patchwork class on Tuesday as Ill be finishing it then!  Cant wait to see it done so I can start on the next one which I think is going to be a playmat/quilt for the bubba.

Ive been sewing all weekend which has been really great as Im suffering from major back and hip pain and rarely get a break from it but this weekend its been OK so Ive taken the opportunity to hide in my craft room!!  My friends little girl Kayla absolutely loves Minnie Mouse so I decided to make a little tote bag for her with her name on it.  Pretty cute huh!!  I cut the Mickey template out and applied it using Bondaweb and made the bow using my little bowmaker I bought on ebay for a quid!  (Its just a bit of wood with holes in but it works great!)  The name was applied with heat transfer vinyl cut using my Silhouette machine.

Also made some cushions for my back lounge.  Ill be honest and say Im not that big a fan of Amy Butler but Ive loved this fabric (Paradise Garden) since I made a bag for my friend with it.  I used Full Moon Polka Dot on the reverse but stupid me did envelope back rather than hidden zips.  Someone on MSE suggested I put buttons on to make them look better on the reverse so I can use them either side so I think Im going to do that.  I love the splash of colour they give my room.  x

Hope you are all well.  Ill hopefully be posting piccies of a finished quilt next week!!

Pootle xxx


  1. Gorgeous makes. I have one of those bow makers but can I heck as like make lovely bows - I always seem to end up with a big knot in the middle so it wont lie straight :-( x

  2. They're fab Claire, I especially love those cushions, they're to die for!! Well done you.


  3. Cushions look fan in the room - and that window is amazing!

  4. Can't wait to see the finished quilt, it looks like it's going to be fab!

  5. Wow, you've been busy - I love your quilt, lots of work, but so worth it.

  6. the quilt is amazing but loving these gorgeous cushions! x

  7. Love your "makes". Your minnie mouse bag looks awesome and because I have been absent in the land of blogging I would like to say congratulations on the impending baby. Not long to go now.