Thursday, 24 May 2012

What Ive been up to.....

So Im still crap at blogging regularly as you will have noticed!  Ive been getting ready for baby coming so havent really had time to post very often but figured Id post a wee update before baby arrives.   Its just under 2 weeks until my little one is due to not long to go now.  Still dont have a clue if its a boy or a girl but Im swaying towards boy just now.   Guess Ill just have to wait and see.  Here is a piccie of me with my bubba bump!  This was taken about 6 weeks so and Im a whole lot bigger now!  (Regrettably my boobs aint getting any smaller either!)

Ive been playing around with my Silhouette machine again and embellished some more little vests for the baby and also some bibs.    Because we dont know what we are having most of the clothes I have are white so I figured it would be nice to jazz them up a little bit.....

Ive been doing some sewing as well.    The patchwork and quilting class I go to are having a charity fund raiser so I made some coasters and a teapot stand out of some Pure by Sweetwater scraps that I had...

Since I posted a piccie of the minnie mouse bag I made a month or so ago,  Ive been contacted by quite a few people asking for them and other designs for their kids so been making quite a few childrens bags as well.  Ive decided I  love making bags for kids!

Phew, are you bored yet??   Im still working on my quilt (its taking forever because I have carpel tunnel syndrome in my hands which means they go numb quite regularly so hand sewing takes forever!)  Its nearly done but not quite so Ill leave that for another time.   I hope you are all well.  Next time Im post I will hopefully have a wee picture of my bubba to share with you.  Happy days!!  

Love Pootle. xxx


  1. Wow, you look fantastic you are blooming! I love what you have done with the little one's clothes, Ipood is my fave!
    Your coasters are beautiful as are your bags.
    I bet you are getting all excited now, I'm looking forward to seeing photos of new baby, it's nice that you don't know what you are having it will be a wonderful surprise, looking at your bump my guess is girl :0) xx

    1. Awww thanks hun. Hope you are doing fine and keeping busy as usual. xxx

  2. Hi there,
    I see you probably don't have much time at the moment! But I was wondering if you would make any of the bibs (the cape one) or the ipood babygrow to sell? Lou

    1. Hi Lou, Could you drop me a message on my facebook page with your contact details please. Thanks.x x

  3. Hi Claire! Oh my gosh, you look adorable! I know that by now you can barely wait for your sweet little one to make it's appearance. I can't wait to see a photo of your baby!

    All of your sewing projects are so sweet...I really LOVE the iPood onesie....too stinkin' cute! And the little children's bags are precious. Seems like you've been keeping yourself busy.

    Don't worry about not blogging so have more important things to look after. I haven't been a good blogger lately, either, but I decide not to beat myself up over it. Life is just busy sometimes!

    Take good care, and I'll be looking forward to seeing you new addition!



  4. Wow!! That is some bump!!! lovely xxx Loving all your makes the baby ones are brilliant xx

  5. How exciting, you look so well - really bloomimg! Love all your baby makes, just so cute! Wishing you all the best with your new arrival and can't wait to see a pic of new bubba! Hugs Estelle x

  6. What a gorgeous baby bump. You look lovely. Good luck and all the best. Look forward to seeing baby pics xx

  7. ooh not long now! can't wait to see the pics (and meet your little one). Love the bibs, coasters etc - they are fab x

  8. What a lovely bump, you look great! Love the crafting too!
    Maria x

  9. Love, Love, Love the baby bit's:)
    Youare looking so well but I can't wit to see little one.
    P.S. I think it's a girl :):)
    Sue xx

  10. Wow you look blooming, so happy! Not long to go now. and you've still had the energy to create all those wonderful makes, love the bags and also the 'cape backwards' bib, that did make me chuckle xx